A Beautiful day in Cullowhee!!

Just on my daily walk to class when I looked up into the sky and notice how beautiful the sky was, how good the air felt on my skin. I was just feeling really good that day, dancing to the beat from the music coming from my headphones. I know people may say Cullowhee is boring and there not anything to do. Well that’s a very accurate statement.  However, the beautiful nature makes up for all the quote on quote boring tendency that Cullowhee was described as.

Before even walking outside to start walking to class, I wasn’t in the best of mood. But when I walked outside and heard the birds chirping, the sun warming up, the smell of the air, and the people walking around campus. All of those qualities are key components as to why I love Cullowhee beautiful weather. The fact that it’s warm, sun shining, and people enjoying life, that puts a Hugh smile on my face, as well as feel good about myself. Nothing beats a beautiful day outside..


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