I covered the event for The Western Carolina Journalist and here you can see the full story. 
This post is about my experience during the event. 

Just a regular day in Cullowhee until hundreds gather in the middle of campus(Catafount) to participate in March for equity for people of color and other people who underrepresented on WCU’s campus.

This was a great march to be apart of; because of what this march meant to people, shows that people still care.  I also got the chance to take lots of good pictures, and shoot great b-roll shots for a story that I was working on for the Western Carolina Journalist. The turn out as well as the production during March was remarkable. Cants being shouted during the March. All I have to say is the great(MLK) would be proud of those who participated in the march against bigotry and intolerance. To see different races, and cultures come together as one to march against racism,  was one of the most amazing things that I have seen. The march went smoothly, no violence, or negativity during the whole march.  Student founders, Tenae Turner & Antonio Oakley founder of #wheematter also was in attendance for the march. They even had a few words to say after the march.


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