About Me

My name is Travon Ricketts. I am graduate of Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a duel concentration in both journalism and broadcasting. At the start of my college career I was a full time student and athlete meaning my days were long and tiring. However, I am thankful for the opportunity Western Carolina University gave me to better perfect my time-management and communication skills, not to mention the improvement of my work ethic due to my athletic involvement.

While working for the Western Carolina Journalist as a student writer and editor I refined my skills in both multimedia and journalism with fellow reporters and gained experience interviewing various sources.  In the time I spent in the campus radio station studio, I found my passion for the broadcasting industry with a concentration in topics like campus diversity, environmental impact projects and local events.  My experience in technology not only extends to Adobe Creative Suites but Miscrosoft Suites as well, along with experience working with DSLR cameras and editing software, and Lavalier mics and editing software.