Saying Goodbye to WCU

Although I am not walking the line at the commencement ceremony May 12, I am still waving my hands goobye to the best four years of my life.

I just finished my last semester of my undergraduate career and I have mixed feelings about this great accomplishment. I will be doing a Summer internship at Mission Health in the Marketing & Communication Department until August, but I will not be rejoining another semester here at WCU. I will drive back up the mountain one last time to walk the line in December 2018.

Lessons have been learned and memories have been made. Everyone always said to enjoy your time because it will fly by, but I always went on, not believing them…but, they were right all along. It’s time for a new era of life and I am not afraid of what the future holds, but excited.

My advice for current and future students at WCU is to be present and focused. Enjoy yourself, but push yourself. Be consistent, fruitful and passionate and most importantly, NEVER give up!

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