The causes of acne

Acne in general is awful, but not knowing why you are breaking out is a nightmare in itself. There are so many things that cause and influence breakouts such as: cosmetics, environment, stress, horomones, diet and genetics.

So, what can you do to help prevent and clear your acne?

Cosmetics and Acne: millions of women suffer from cosmetic acne, which is caused by makeup or cosmetics. The KEY to avoiding this condition is to use cosmetic based products that are not hypoallergenic (causes an allergic reaction) or non comedogenic (something that does not block pores). A lot of products contains oil and other pore-clogging ingredients and these worsen acne.

Make sure you wash your face regularly, cleansing makeup brushes on a weekly basis and DO NOT sleep in makeup! Some recommended cosmetics that are healthier for your skin include: Laura Mercia oil-free foundation, Almay fresh oil-free foundation and Elizabeth Arden oil-free foundation.

Environment and Acne: Pollution and exposure to grease and oil can clog your pores, which can lead to pimples. Heat and humidity can affect your skin, which increase oil production and in the winter, colder weather can cause dehydration. The sun is a big influence on acne, for example, prolonged sun exposure can create dead cells which eventually become blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

To avoid sun-exposure that creates acne, try and wear light-sunscreen and moisturize daily. This protects your skin while also minimizing breakouts.

Stress and Acne:  Stress can cause many things, including acne, which is extremely annoying. School and work are usually the leading cause of stress.

Try doing activities that relieve your built-up tension such as yoga and even meditations like “mindfulness” and breathing exercises. Exercise in general is associated with lower stress levels so try and include at least 20 minutes of activity to help with those levels of high tension.

Horomones and Acne: Whats happening inside of your body is just as important as what is going on the outside. Horomones are chemical messengers that travel throughout the body coordinating growth and metabolism, which place an important role with acne.

Estrogen in women can cause horomonal acne while testosterone is a type of androgen that caues acne for men.

Diet and Acne:  Each of us respond to what we eat differently, so keep a food diary to help keep track of what breaks you out.

Try bringing more Omega 3’s into your diet and Vitamin A. The anti-flammatory provides numerous health benefits. Reduce your intake of iodine and foods high on the glycemic index like white pasta, rice, bread and sweets to keep your blood sugar and insulin production under control.

Genetics and Acne: Acne genetics determine how our immune system responds to acne bacteria. One person can experience blackheads while others experience explosive red and tender nodules. Genetics also factor how easily your pores clog.

It’s easy to become frustrated with acne, but you have to understand there are many things that factor in as to why some people have acne worse. Just remeber to wash your face twice a day, clean your cosmetic brushes weekly and eat healthy!

How to Manage Stress

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

Maintaining an academic, social and work life can be challenging and stress can begin to take a toll on your mind, body and health. So, here are some tips to help manage stress!

  • Time management: make a calendar and spread out your time to avoid cramming.
  • Talk to someone: talking to someone and even self-talk can relieve your stress.
  • Exercise: getting involved in physical activity can take your mind off things and improve your mental and emotional health.
  • Get more sleep: having 8 hours of rest is vital for your mentality and strength.
  • Try relaxation techniques: breathing exercises, stretching and yoga.