Thoughts on Binging Netflix

Binge watching (noun): the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television in rapid succession.

As a current binger on the television series ‘Scandal,’ I can fully vouche that this a real thing and it can be unhealthy. The key is giving yourself breaks and being a good multitasker.

I think it is almost impossible to stop watching this. Shonda Rhimes created this series airing in April 2015, but I never thought about giving it a chance until I watched another series Rhimes created in 2014, ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ I began that series and was instantly hooked, but only for the first two seasons…after that, I lost interest.

Until a friend of mine told me to give ‘Scandal’ a shot and by the end of episode one, I was obsessed.

Kerry Washington (aka) Olivia Pope is a successful, confident and bold woman who is the best fixer in D.C. She doesn’t just fix problems, she fixes people. I won’t ruin the show by giving details, but I highly reccommend giving the show a chance.

You will admire the determination and motivation Olivia Pope embodies. This show has given me the ability to be motivated and stay focused to reach the goals I have set for myself and to never give up. I appreciate how Kerry Washington knows her strength and worth on and off the screen.


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