Why Being Selfish Sometimes Is Okay

Being selfish is often looked at as immoral, distasteful and rude…but why?

At some point of our lives we have been selfish in one way or another. Now we may not have felt good about that decision, but sometimes being selfish is exactly what we need to do. 

Making decisions to please other people will not make you any better of a person and it especially will not make your life easier. Don’t get me wrong, being selfish for the wrong reason is just unfriendly, but sometimes people need to do what is best for them and sometimes those decisions involve selfish actions.

In my experience of being “selfish,” I have been asked to do things that will benefit the group of people I am with, but will work the opposite for me and I use to feel guilty when telling people “no, I don’t want to do that.” Why can’t people understand that no means no…stop trying to make me feel bad.

You shouldn’t feel bad about doing something for yourself every once in a while. Self-care is so important and many individuals often ignore it and aim to commit a full time responsibility of pleasing everyone except for themselves.

People pleasing is exhausting, irritating and overwhelming. You are human. Take time for yourself and do what you want for once. Stop letting others rule your life, mind and soul!

Stop belittling women and their appearance

It is the 21st century and women are still objectified. “If she didn’t want that to happen, she shouldn’t have dressed that way.” First of all, what a woman wears on her body is not an invitation for anyone to critique or approach.

As a woman, I can confidently state that I wear certain outfits for the sole purpose of pleasing myself and boosting my own confidence. Sexual violence should not happen period, but especially if the reason is “appearance.” Every woman is different and has their own style, with that being said, if a woman wants to wear high-waist shorts and a cut off shirt because she feels beautiful and comfortable, leave her alone. Judgement and comments can be kept to themselves.

Young girls are constantly being ridiculed and told that they should look a certain way and even what boys “like.” Women seemed to be judged by both men and women even if they are dressed modestly. I’ve noticed on several occasions women making snarky comments on how a women is dressed for school, work and even leisure wear. Women need to unite instead of divide and empower one another instead of bashing and belittling one another.