About me

I am currently a student at Western Carolina University, majoring in Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I’ve earned a full scholarship to become a member of the Women’s basketball team. I play the point guard position and from that alone I have gained strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I have experience talking in front of the camera, and also the work that takes place in the control room. I am currently interning with the Western Carolina Athletics Video operations, and since then I have gained even more experience with cameras, and the overall production that takes place on Game Day. By gaining even more experience I hope to become a sports anchor. I am looking for an opportunity to become a sports analyst for a news station or any station.


Three words that describe me are Hardworking, Dedicated, Leader


My favorite quote is “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”

To me this quote means that no matter how talented you are you always must work hard. There’s no time to become complacent. On the other hand, even if you aren’t as talented as the next person, you still must work hard to one day become the most successful person you can be.