About Me

My name is Julia Brown. I am a graduate student at Elon university in the Interactive Media program. I was a student-athlete during my four years at Western Carolina University where I graduated with a major in Communication with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. I aspire to work in Public Relations either as a direct representative of a company or for a public relations firm.

I have been a successful student athlete for over 15 years, which has lead me to develop great skills and qualities that are necessary for good communication. Things like leadership, discipline, time-management, interpersonal and team skills are all qualities I have learned over my years of athletics. I know how to communicate with many types of people because of all the experience I have had playing sports with people from many different backgrounds. I am excited to translate what I have learned in all my years of leading my teams to success to real world experiences to help me be successful outside of athletics.

Three words that describe me are: Innovative, Responsible, and Driven.

A quote that I live my life by is: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” –Dr. Suess.

I love this quote because it encourages me to stay true to myself and reminds me to focus only on the things and people that are leading me on the path that will create a positive, successful future for my career.