Homesick at home away from home

Originally published on June 30, 2017 on my old blog site.

Day 43-ish, it’s raining. 

I’ve gotten use to the soreness and I’m better than I’ve ever been. Well, except for that ingrown toenail that was removed. That still hurts.

Drum corps is one of those things that is all or nothing when it comes to commitment. It’s costs so much of your money and literally 100% of your time and summer. So you might as well suck it up and work, right?

Well, right. It’s simple. But simple isn’t easy (thanks Michael Martin). It’s arguably the hardest thing that anyone will ever go through mentally and physically. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t adversity within yourself. You left behind your parents, your siblings, your friends, your partners, your pets, maybe even your job. Every now and again, you’re going to hit that low.  Sometimes I hit it.

The one thing that seems to always get me through it is not only the people of the corps but reaching to that common goal you have with those people.  You paid up all of those things back home; maybe you even gave them up to someone else. You’re all aboard the drum corps life, so you might as well embrace that there is a light at the end of that tunnel and work… hard. Harder than you ever thought you could. At the end, you’ll love yourself and love all of those things you gave up more and it makes you strong.  I promise.

If you’ve marched a summer, you probably have a good idea what I’m talking about.  Or if it’s your first summer maybe you don’t.  Many of this can be applied to other things in life, not just drum corps.

Summer #2 doesn’t mean it’s easier. But I know there is a light.

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