During my time at Western Carolina University, I have produced a number of items through participating in events and working with real world clients.

I also volunteered with the WCUs First Generation club to help them advertise one of their events. One of their representatives was a friend of mine and they asked me to design a flyer for their event, Burning of the fears.


During one of my courses, I was assigned to a team of students to work with a stage show that would be visiting our campus.Our main objective was to increase awareness by bringing attention to the issues and themes presented in Mercy Killers specifically to students here who will potentially be going into the health care system themselves in the near future.

To advertise this performance to students I helped create and distribute flyers around campus.


Also, to create more awareness, I drew two large chalk murals advertising the event in the center of campus.




I have also created a logo for a client who wished to fuse the images of three business as they were opening a new resturaunt/Bookstore on our campus.