Job Shadowing

  1. 88.5 WFDD Public Radio: I have shadowed with the staff of 88.5 WFDD on two occasions. I learned how to use adobe premier audio editing software as a result of my experience. I learned how public radio stations function logistically, and how they differ from commercial radio stations. I gained an understanding of how advertising functions for both public and commercial radio stations.
  2. The Sylva Herald: I shadowed the 4-person advertising team of the Sylva Herald newspaper. I learned how newspaper advertising functions, particularly in small-town outlets. I also learned how pricing structure works and how clients are managed. Although newspaper is slowly declining as a media outlet, this experience taught me the value that newspapers still hold for a segment of the market.

Community Service

  1. Oklahoma City, OK: in 2015 I traveled to Oklahoma City for 5 days with 10 other WCU students as part of a leadership class titled “Civic Engagement”, to assist Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross in providing post-tornado relief. We spent a large portion of the week repairing family homes in and around the city. The people I met as a result of this experience taught me the value of compassion and service.
  2. Eagle Scout Service Project: in 2012 I planned and managed my Eagle Scout Project. I coordinated a team of scouts and scout leaders to help me clear out an old trail, fix an erosion issue that had resulted, and replace a dilapidated footbridge with a brand new one, at Rich Park in Mocksville, NC.
  3. Tuckasegee River Cleanup: as a WCU student I have participated every year in the Tuck River Cleanup; the largest single-day river clean up initiative in the United States. Students walk or raft the river retrieving debris from the waterway and the banks.
  4. Sylva Public Library: In 2013 I spent several hours at the Sylva Public Library shelving and cleaning books.

Core Classwork 

  1. Writing for Public Relations -Learned how to write press releases, fact sheets, newsletters, and brochures
  2. Writing for Mass Media -Learned AP style and how to write full-length news stories.
  3. Writing for Advertising -Learned how to write advertisements for radio, television, print, and social media.
  4. Intro to Public Relations -Learned the fundamental concepts of public relations and the responsibilities of a PR practitioner.
  5. Communication Theory -Learned theories concerning the fundamental interactions of humans in social situations.
  6. TV Production I -Learned how to broadcast in a TV studio environment and served as director for one of the class projects.
  7. Professional Selling -Learned the fundamentals of SPIN selling, practiced sales calls with our teacher, and called on local businesses to donate to a local charity.
  8. Marketing Planning and Strategy -Learned the principles of marketing and market development.
  9. Desktop Production -Learned how to develop graphics, newsletters, and brochures using       Adobe inDesign.
  10. Intercultural Communication -Learned about other cultures and the special innuendoes that a professional must know about them in order to respectfully interact with them.
  11. Interpersonal Communication -Learned several theories concerning the way that people interact and learned how to navigate special social situations.
  12. Intro to Professional Development -Learned how to apply for internships and use wordpress.
  13. Intro to Entrepreneurship -Learned how to start a business and navigate the critical first few years.
  14. Intro to Computer Coding -Learned HTML5/CSS and JavaScript and used JavaScript to develop a simple computer program.
  15. Leadership Minor Capstone -Developed a presentation highlighting my experiences as part of the Leadership Minor and what I’ve learned as a result.
  16. Spirituality of Leadership -Discussed the spiritual elements of being a leader and follower and discussed significant current social events.
  17. Leadership Theory 244 -Learned the principle of good leadership practices and planned a 5k fun run for WCU.
  18. Leadership Theory 344 -Learned more advanced principles of leadership including the Hero’s Journey.
  19. Civic Engagement -Learned about leadership in emergency management and traveled to Oklahoma City to assist in tornado relief.
  20. Global Issues -Learned about global politics and how businesses navigate a global economy.
  21. Media Law*
  22. Public Relations Campaigns*
  23. Public Relations Case Studies*
  24. Professional Development Seminar*
  25. Small Group and Team Communication*
  26. Broadcast Sales*

*Currently enrolled in the class


  1. Vredenburgh President’s Academy: in 2015 I attended a weekend retreat at Trout Lodge, MO, with every other Theta Xi chapter president and our national staff. We attended sessions coordinated by leadership experts that taught us fundamentals about group leadership, particularly as it relates to fraternity leadership. We were given organized opportunities to collaborate with our peers to develop effective management strategies for our respective chapters.
  2. Theta Xi 152nd Anniversary Convention: in 2016 I traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to represent my chapter at the Theta Xi national convention. In addition to being responsible for serving as my chapter’s voting delegate for national financial restructuring, I attended multiple sessions facilitated by experts in their respective fields. I learned about masculinity and how it affects the daily lives of both men and women, in a session put on by a University of Minnesota faculty member.
  3. WHEE Lead: in both 2014 and 2015, I attended the WHEE Lead conference. WCU hosts this annual event and recruits experts to present on relevant leadership topics. in 2013 I helped facilitate the planning of the conference.
  4. Newell District Leadership Academy: in Spring 2015 I attended a weekend fraternity leadership conference at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Georgia. We learned about fraternity leadership techniques and tips to improve chapter management.

Event Planning

  1. Homecoming Concert: in October 2016, I planned a free public event hosted by my fraternity. I was also responsible for event security and crisis management. The event featured a live band for over 300 guests.
  2. Fun Run: in 2015, as part of Leadership 244, I helped plan and host a campus-community 5k color run to benefit a local Jackson County charity.
  3. Whee Takeover: in 2014 I served as one of two co-leaders for a campus-wide social event called Whee Takeover. My co-leader and I directed a class of 30 other freshmen to coordinate and carry out the event, which provided food and entertainment for over 700 students during finals week.


  1. Theta Xi Social Fraternity
  2. National Society for Leadership and Success
  3. National Eagle Scout Association
  4. WCU Habitat for Humanity Student Club
  5. WCU Interfraternity Council


  1. Licensed Amateur Radio Operator
  2. American Red Cross CPro
  3. NRA Range Safety Officer certification
  4. NRA Rifle Instructor certification
  5. NRA Muzzleloader Rifle Instructor certification