Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized, Period.


Marijuana plants. Owned by forbes.com.

The legalization of Marijuana is a very popular issue in today’s world, especially among American Millennials. Some states have legalized it and they have reaped the benefits while most states are behind on the legislature. Here are the reasons why Marijuana should be legal for recreational and medical purposes:

  1. There is nothing clinically wrong with Marijuana

It is no secret that Marijuana releases THC which is a chemical that affects one’s mind and/or body, depending on the strain consumed. However, there are no negative clinical affects with using marijuana. The euphoric sensation released by smoking marijuana is not harmful, and can be good for you. According to “Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose”, a 2013 article from the Huffington Post, there have been zero deaths related to marijuana overdose. Unlike hardcore drugs, like cocaine, heroin, etc. and even alcohol, which kills over 75,000 people a year according to NBC News, marijuana is significantly safer and poses no drastic long or short-term effects.

  1. The government can make a lot of money

    Inside of a dispensary. Photo owned by marijuanapackaging.com

Benjamin Franklin once said, “There are only two things certain life: death and taxes”. Franklin could not be any more correct as the government generates most of its income from taxes. If the government legalizes marijuana, they can impose a tax on it like the way they do cigarettes. People reap the benefits of marijuana. End of story. Also, the marijuana industry makes a lot of money, legally and illegally. So instead of the money going towards drug cartels, the black market, etc. the money made off marijuana would go straight to the government via taxes. This is what the legal states have done, and they use the money they make from marijuana towards schools, parks, etc.

  1. Marijuana has significant medical benefits

There have been numerous studies over the years of the medicinal effects of marijuana. Some benefits are it helps people with insomnia sleep, helps people who struggle to eat by helping their appetite, helps with anxiety and depression, helps people with PTSD cope, and helps people suffering from cancer. According to cancer.gov, Cannabis has successfully helped cancer patients in dealing with the pain of the disease and chemotherapy and has shown to kill cancer cells. There are people who rely on marijuana to cope with their medical issues and live a full life so preventing them from obtaining and using their medication is downright cruel.

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