Sticky Brick Labs

This is the first major website outside of school assigned projects that I have helped design. The basis of the site was already there, my job was to make the site run a little smoother and look better.

Wag-A-Bag Deli

Wag-A-Bag is my fathers gas station. When he took over the store, the store as well as the deli in the back of the store was failing. I created a Facebook page in order to let the locals know that the deli was under new management and to come check out how the service and food quality had improved. I don’t do anything with this page anymore because ┬ábusiness improved so much that my dad is often still cooking for people long after our actual hours of operation are over.

Fat Daddy USDA Certified Meat

I created this Facebook page for a local meat distributor. Though I no longer run this site, I did help it get all the likes it has now as well as create the cover logo and the old profile picture.

Contacts Made:

While working on my website I came into contact with a professional programmer, Stanley Hearn, who has offered to help me with any questions or obstacles I may run into with future sites or clients. Also, the StickyBricks website owner and the local meat distributor introduced me to a couple people who may become clients within the next few months.

Relevant Books:

I read the E-Myth Revisited over this semester. The book details how to work on your own business rather then working within one.


Over this semester I’ve begun working on a business plan for a website design and social media management company. I plan to upload the plan to this site in a month or so when it is more complete. So far, I’ve written and rewritten my business plan five times in the past three months.


Social Media Manager