Layout & Design


2016 New Kituwah Academy Spring Newsletter


For the last three years I’ve been responsible
for creating the Internal and External newsletters
at New Kituwah Academy.  It has taught me
patience,artistic endurance and self reassurance.
I have also learned the importance of deadlines
and finishing projects in a timely manner.

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2016 New Kituwah Academy Yearbook

yearbook-1“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely,
every hundredth of a second.” 
-Marc Ribound

When working on intense layout and design for something
as complex as a school’s yearbook, I’ve learned that every
little detail counts.  It’s important to ask yourself, how are
the aesthetics of what I’m creating?  Am I conveying the right emotion?  Does my piece have appeal?

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Digital Interactive Workbook (Cherokee Language)

stems-projectIt has been a humbling experience to be given the
chance to collaborate with the elders and fluent speakers of the Cherokee language.  They are currently in a fight to preserve their culture as well as keeping their language alive.  The STEMS project consisted of hours of intense recording and editing sessions, as well as coming up with the design and layout ideas for a digital workbook. It teaches you speech pretenses and word function.

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Charlotte’s Web – Cherokee Translation

From well known novels such as Charlotte’s Web (Left) to
Encyclopedia Brown, I have been fortunate enough
to help in the re imagining of these beloved tales
translated into the Cherokee language as well
as the Cherokee written language, Syllabary. In addition, I have also worked on similar projects such as Journey of Little Fish and A Day with my Cousin. Check out the screen shots below.
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Journey of Little Fish- Cherokee Translation


A Day With My Cousin- Cherokee Translation