About Me

personalphoto Hello and welcome! My name is Sylvia King, and I am a public relations and media specialist in the great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.   I’m attending Western Carolina University in pursuit of Bachelor’s degree.

My drive for keeping up with social media and the involvement of businesses and the public is what encouraged me to pursue this degree combination.  I spent a bit of my life discovering what drives me. I have a strong passion for multi-media, social media and layout design and editing. 

I’ve been a part of some exciting projects during my professional career.  I’ve worked closely with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in developing an interactive workbook dealing with the STEMS of the Cherokee language, as well as editing, translating and doing lay out designs for children’s books into the Cherokee language. 

In addition, I’ve been an active team member in a growing advertising company called The Smoker Agency.  I’m responsible for layout, graphic design as well as stepping into Account Executive roles.  I love to be in a fast paced environment and see how far I can go with problem solving and performing under pressure.

A quote I live by is: “Thriving.  That’s fighting.. Surviving is barely getting by.” -Jillian Michaels